Claudia Pamela Leal


429 - Pamela Leal.jpg

I go by my middle name, Pamela, and do everything with meraki.

Meraki is a Greek word meaning doing something with soul, creativity and love - when you put "something of yourself" into what you're doing. This is what I passionately strive for in all of my work, projects, art and more. (Pamela is also Greek for honey so that's pretty sweet) (pun a little bit intended)

As you can tell by the photograph above, I also like to take risks. I believe in growth and expanding my mind. I've jumped out of a perfectly functioning airplane, and that was the moment I knew that I want to keep challenging myself in literally every way possible.

I'll be graduating from The University of Texas at Austin in May 2019 with a passion for Art Direction, a B.S. in Advertising, Texas Creative Sequence and a minor in Business Administration.

Let's share more stories and exchange different perspectives. También hablo Español!